Praise the Lord Bethel Family!  Despite the trying times, we know that God is
good!  He has continued to keep and provide for us.  As we approach the end of
this tumultuous year, we still give Him thanks and praise!

As you know we’re going to host Christmas devotion and fellowship on Christmas
Day.  You can join us on YouTube to view the service!!  While Zoom will be
available, we are migrating to hosting services on YouTube and Facebook moving


  • We’re moving to YouTube as the source for viewers to join/watch the
    worship services.
  • Wednesday bible study (and Sunday school coming 2021), and ministry
    meetings will still be held on Zoom.


  • Streaming directly from the sanctuary to YouTube gives you a better

    • Fewer technology hiccups
    • No lagging of the video and audio
    • Better sound quality
    • Easier to access…just click the link!
    • You can watch any of the services ANYTIME!


  • Starting with Christmas Devotion & Fellowship at 9a Friday, December 25
  • Every Sunday for weekly worship beginning Sunday, December 27 @


  • Click one of the links!

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